Introducing Love+Leche

I am excited to introduce our newest custom soap mold design, as well as share the news of our new name. Both are called Love+Leche.
The Virgin of Guadalupe

This beautiful new mold design harkens back to the very first year that I began my business.  Taken under the wing of a local goatherd/milkmaid and soap maker Francesca Oldani, she shared with me not only her secrets and techniques for making soap, but also this beautiful custom design she had created for her by local sculptor Stephanie Huerta. I loved (and coveted) this design the moment I saw it. It captured the sweetness of the Nubian goats I adored and was raising, and the human-like maternal feeling shared between these two reflected my own mothering with my then small children. The rays in the background not only add a great graphic depth to the design, but echo the holy rays that always surround the Virgin of Guadalupe, a ubiquitous figure we have here in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. And the square shape and size is of course the perfect dimension for a bar of soap. Struck by an inspiration, we adapted the design into our signature round-shape for our lotion bars.

Fast forward a few years, and I have designed my own custom soap and lotion molds with Stephanie–but have never forgotten this one. I hang on to a bar of soap that Francesca made with her mold, and every so often take it out and gaze at it in appreciation. Then, last year, I received a call from Francesca. Her life changed shortly after she helped me get started in soap making, and her custom soap design never really came out into the world. Now she was sorting and cleaning out and found the original clay sculpture of this design, and would I like to buy it? Yes! And so here it is.
I have named it Love+Leche—for obvious reasons, no? Of course Leche (pronounced “lay-chay”) is the Spanish word for milk. It’s what babies ask their mothers for (when they can talk!) and what I get from the goats, and what makes your skin feel so good when you use my soap.
My daughter Roan enjoying her leche 17 years ago–she just got accepted to college!
And beginning today, Milk+Honey becomes Love+Leche. After ten amazing years as Milk+Honey, a perfect name if ever there was one, I discovered that this name has been registered as a Trademark by another company. My brilliant daughter came up with Love+Leche during a brainstorming evening (she is the namer of the family). And so it is! Giving us an opportunity to let you all know that other than the name, our business continues as it always has, run by myself (CEO and Milkmaid), as a family business here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with our values as strong as ever:
  • A belief in Mother Nature
  • An appreciation for things natural, handmade, sensual and beautiful
  • A passion to create a meaningful life that inspires others to do the same.


This will be a transition . . . we can’t wait to hear what you think.