For Men

We love men, and we know they need products of their own. We named our line after the wild Mountain Goats we see nimbly jumping from rock to rock here in the Northern New Mexico mountains. Since the early days of our business, we have had devoted male customers who appreciate the skin healing properties of our lotion bar, and who swear by our goat milk soap for shaving. According to Outside Magazine (online gift guide, Nov 2016), our lotion bar is a “Guaranteed Pleaser: Love and Leche’s ­Mountain Goat lotion bar served us well after a day of rock climbing, moisturizing split fingers and calming ­blisters. It also excels as a lip balm and tames scraggly facial hair.”

Sad to say, we are in the process of discontinuing our Mountain Goat products.  We may bring them back for limited edition runs in the future, but in the meantime, we recommend you stock up now!