Enjoy the sensual pleasure of rubbing our Lotion Bar to soothe rough hands and feet, chapped lips, painful split fingers and more.  As you massage the bar between your hands, your body temperature will melt and soften the oils and beeswax, allowing your skin to replenished and deeply moisturized.

Our lotion bars are hand-poured and weigh approximately 2.5 oz.

Ingredients:  Pure beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil infused with Certified Organic calendula flowers, essential oils.

12 reviews for Bee+Sunflower Lotion Bar with Tin 2.5oz

  1. Alice Ripple (verified owner)

    I love these bars and have bought one for just about everyone I know–I put it on my hands and it lasts and it so helps my dry hands-I use it on cracks and cover it with a bandage and it helps it heal faster. Good stuff!

  2. Linda

    I discovered these “bars of wonder” at the Farmers Market. They have improved my psoriatic elbows and legs dramatically! Finally some relief that isn’t laden in steroids. Thank you!!!

  3. Julie Utley (verified owner)

    I’ve used your lotion bars for several years now. I’ve tried other products, but keep coming back to yours! Not only moisturizing, but healing as well. Love these lotion bars!!

  4. Ellen

    I found these wondeful loton bars on my 1st trip to Santa Fe. They have worked wonders on my dry skin. I have purchased more through the mail as well. They smell wonderful ans they make my skin so soft.

  5. Mary Diamond (verified owner)

    The lavender lotion bar is sumptuous and silky. The feel of the lotion on my hands is soft and slippery. It absorbs wonderfully slowly so you can enjoy the subtly rich fragrance. The lavender fragrance is so soothing. I am so grateful to have happened upon this wholesome product at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. I live in Chicago and brought it home for gifts and ordered more for holiday gifts. I won’t be without it. And just the other day I found it is perfect for a dressing for my hair. I put it on while my hair is damp and it takes care of the frizzies and adds a healthy shine. And no greasy residue.

  6. Mary K

    I found these lotion bars during a trip to New Mexico at the Farmer’s Market many years ago and have been purchasing them ever since. These bars are wonderful for the skin!

  7. Mary in Minnesota

    We’ve had a hard winter with lots of wind and snow to dry and crack my fingers. The only thing that helps them heal and resist further damage is your lotion bars. I always have one in my knitting bag and find a treatment before knitting is a must to keep yarn from sticking to damaged hands.

  8. Martha

    Love this. I can’t decide if it is the best aroma therapy or the best lotion!! I love it’s smooth texture. It’s even great on my face which normally doesn’t tolerate products well since it’s so sensitive. Friends, Roman, countrymen – everyone gets a bar of this from me!

  9. Patricia (verified owner)

    Love the Citrus and its healing powers….and I have purchased for family/friends and they love them, too! I have bought other products but keep coming back to these Lotion Bars! And they are so versatible….from lip balm, heels, hair and just all over! Thank you for a great product!! And we’ll be back to the SF Farmer’s Market this summer!

  10. Bee

    Can’t wait to try this.

  11. Pam Jones

    A friend brought me back a tin of lotion from Santa Fe, and I fell in LOVE with the lotion. Doesn’t matter which fragrance – all are awesome! AND they all work like marvelous magic!!

  12. Rebecca Fay (verified owner)

    I received a tin of your lotion as a gift from Accion. I loved the concept from the moment that I opened the container. It is the best hand lotion I have ever used, and believe me I have tried quite a few living here in the desert! I love the citrus scent and the moisturizing effects last a very long time. I can’t wait to buy some more, especially a little travel size balm. Congrats on your business, I hope its thriving!

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