Men’s Shaving Tips

The new Love+Leche Cedarwood Goat Milk Soaps and Lotion Bars are favorites among our male customers. Our soap is great for shaving.  It has a light lather and a silky feel.  Our calendula-infused, certified organic extra virgin olive oil is softening and soothing for your skin, and our goat-milk base results in a mild cleanser that’s perfect for men with sensitive skin.  And we use local honey and beewswax, which is also incredibly moisturizing and healing.

Today we’re sharing some tips for how to get a great shave – it may take a few extra minutes but getting a close shave and taking care of your skin will keep you looking and feeling good all day.

#1 Prep your skin and hair
Try shaving in the shower or right after you shower. When your skin and is warm and moist there’s less friction, and thus less irritation when you shave.

#2 Lather up with Love + Leche Soap
Use a brush to help you get a good lather with your soap. A good brush will really push the soap into the hair making it easier to shave. Our all natural soap doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that wash away the hair-softening oils naturally contained in your hair and is a great option for everyday shaving.

#3 Let it sit
Once you’ve brushed the warm soapy lather onto your face let it sit for a minute, further softening your skin and hair for shaving. You can comb your hair or brush your teeth while you wait.

#4 Go with the grain
You may get a closer shave if you shave in the opposite direction that your hair is growing, but you’re much more likely to get razor burn and ingrown hairs. If you follow the steps above to soften the hair you should be able to get a close, comfortable shave in one with-the-grain-pass.

#5 Change your blade frequently
Choose an inexpensive razor with just a single blade, the extra blades won’t add much and choosing a more affordable razor that you change frequently will ensure a closer comfortable shave more than the extra blades.

Don’t forget to moisturize after shaving, our lotion bar provides great moisture without that greasy feeling and absorbs quickly – the perfect way to finish your shaving routine!