Introducing: Sweet Sheep Lotion Bars

We are proud and excited to introduce our new Sweet Sheep Lotion Bar–a design that’s been a year in the making.

We love knitters (and crocheters, spinners, weavers and dyers!), and we wanted to make a lotion bar just for them. We knew that sheep–sweet ones–would delight us in making them, and would warm any wool-lovers’ heart. And we knew that our crafter and artist customers would appreciate the artisan quality of our design–as with the rest of our lotion bars, it needed to be a piece of art–for your skin.

This was not our first design.  We went all the way through the process to a clay sculpture of another sheep–only to realize, in our heart-of-hearts, it wasn’t quite right.  Didn’t quite tug on us.  We weren’t in love with it.  We researched many images of sheep–there are so many gorgeous ones!–but landed on this one as having the right composition to read on a small, palm-sized sculpture, and of course one with the right sentiment: sweetness.  We added our signature sun rays–a nod to our New Mexico culture and the Virgin of Guadalupe who is ubiquitous here.  And, we started working with a new sculptor. His detail and modeling just blew us away. We hope you fall in love with our Sweet Sheep as much as we have!

Now for a limited time, purchase our Sweet Sweet Lotion Bar and get our limited edition hand printed canvas bag with your lotion bar.