Meet The New Owners!

Welcome To Our Family

I’ve been really excited about something recently and I can’t wait to tell you all about it today!

10 years ago I opened a yarn shop in Central Florida and named it, Four Purls, after my four children who are my precious pearls. The kids were little (Thomas was just a baby on my hip).

Fast forward 10 years, the yarn shop (and the kids) have grown a lot. It’s been a labor of love for sure. We are in a much larger, permanent location and my two oldest have graduated from college. Aspen, after graduating from University of South Florida 2 years ago, has helped grow Emma’s Yarn into one heck of a dye operation and is serving other local yarn shops well. Jon Paul graduated from Florida Southern last spring and (cue the drum roll) is returning home to take over our new venture.

Love and Leche lotion bars have long been a favorite of mine and I’m happy to tell you all that they will now be made by us! From our family to yours.

Daven, founder of Love and Leche, started much like me. She knew something was missing from the community she loved and so she created it. Her lotion bars are a work of art (literally, she had local artists create the molds), are all natural, and carefully handmade. Daven has spent years perfecting Love and Leche and you can tell right from the minute you see it on the counter. The packaging is beautiful, the scent is amazing and the way your skin feels after…. so good! I have so much love in my heart for Daven!

It’s a real product that I can stand behind and I’m so proud to part of its next chapter. My family is looking forward to serving the individual customers as well as the many Yarn Shops, health minded stores, gift shops and spas that carry the product.

If you already love the bars, you might be wondering if anything is going to change. The answer is yes and no :)

We will use all the same ingredients and recipes to make our bars with the exception of the beeswax and flowers that will be harvested locally. Pat’s Apiary (whose delicious honey can be purchased at the Downtown Farmers Market, and soon at Four Purls) will supply us with beeswax (I’m pretty excited about this, supporting a local bee farmer on this level is a dream come true for me). We will be growing the flowers ourselves for next years harvest.

The 2.5 oz bars in tins will be out of stock for awhile as we work to have the custom tins reproduced. This takes so much longer than you might imagine.

The Mountain Goat for Men line will be returning soon. Jon Paul is pretty passionate about that :)

If you’ve never tried a Love and Leche Lotion bar you definitely should!


JD, Laura, Aspen, Jon Paul, Emma, and Thomas Dobratz