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After over a year of passing my goats to another family (which was like saying goodbye to my childhood stuffed animals), I am back to milking, but in a very interesting arrangement.  This is why I love living in Santa Fe:  less than a mile from my house is a co-housing community with a beautiful piece of land right on the river.  I can walk there from my house down the river path.  There live three Sable Saanen goats who are milked on rotation by a goat-milking co-op!  I have joined this co-op, and now every Thursday morning (and yes, that included the recent Christmas and New Year’s days), I head down there to milk and enjoy sweet contact with the girls, the chickens, the barnyard, and the natural rhythms of being with animals in all the seasons.  This is a great compromise for me–the co-op shares expenses, responsibilities like mucking, purchasing supplies, responding to emergencies, and even covering shifts if you want to go away–like on vacation!–and I get to keep goats, milking, and fresh milk in my life.  And of course you get to experience this nutrient-rich, moisturizing leche in my goat milk soaps!